Sustainable delivery made easy.

Cut emissions and delight customers in minutes.

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Deliver today with zero emissions couriers:

1) Connect everything on one sustainable platform

Connect your store and choose from a range of sustainable couriers who use bikes, cargo-bikes and electric vehicles to deliver your parcels.

2) Increase conversion with greener and flexible options

Give customers the flexibility to pick the delivery option they want, without having to compromise on your brand's sustainability values.

3) Get your orders to customers faster and cheaper

Leverage the efficiency of lighter, nimble vehicles that can easily navigate the urban final mile compared to larger, clunkier vans.

4) Calm customer anxiety and win repeat purchases

Provide a branded and personalised delivery experience that shows customers how you are preventing carbon emissions.

Reach customers across your channels

"Sendit made it very easy to switch from delivering using diesel vans to electric cargo-bikes which our customers love! Being able to select from multiple couriers allows us to offer the delivery choices our customers want."

Kelly Brookes, Logistics & Operations Manager

40% of customers abandon their basket due to poor delivery options.

Start providing your customers the most green, flexible and efficient options today.

Join our waitlist and deliver with no extra costs.